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Elephant Died in Kerala 2020: How the Tragic Death of a Pregnant Elephant in Kerala

The Pregnant Elephant Died in Kerala 2020 has started across the country shock with many in utter disbelief over the idea of the wrongdoing. On May 27, the elephant was discovered dead in the Velliyar River. Her jaw was broken. The subtleties that followed were frightful.

What Was the Proper Scenario?

The elephant died after eating a pineapple stuffed with crackers, allegedly placed by some locals. The wild elephant had left the forests of Silent Valley in Palakkad district, wandering into a nearby village in search of food where she ate the pineapple. The fruit exploded in her mouth and left her in searing pain as she walked around the village for days, unable to eat anything because of her injuries. She eventually died standing in a river. The incident has sent shock waves through social media, with thousands of people calling for strong action against the perpetrators. On Twitter, several people also shared sketches and illustrations as a way to apologize for the heinous act of animal.

First, we tend to discover this Animal on May 23 after we were well-versed by locals that an elephant has been roaming around within the non-public space of the forest. Once one of our employee’s members visited to saw the elephant, it had been discovered that the wound within the lower jaw area was exposed. Later, for a minimum of 24 hours the animal was searching for water and come into river Velliyar,” said Wildlife Officer of Silent Depression Park.

Why this Pragnent Elephant Died in Kerala?

The death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala after it consumed a pineapple full of fireworks sparked outrage from across the country on social media sites. Photos of the elephant standing within the water to chill her wounds have flooded the web, and other people from all walks of life have sought severe punishment for those responsible.

The crackers stuffed within the pineapple which was fed to the elephant burst in her mouth resulting in severe injuries. The elephant wasn’t ready to eat anything thanks to the deep wounds, thanks to which she fell and drowned thanks to weakness. The elephant’s preliminary post-mortem examination was conducted at the Mannarkkad Forest Division. It revealed that the animal died as a result of drowning, followed by inhalation of water which led to lung failure. This has been identified because of the immediate explanation for the death of the elephant.

While some sections of the media reported that the animal was intentionally fed the explosives, latest investigations suggest the tactic was usually accustomed trap and kill wild boars and other animals.

Emotional and lesson outpoured on social media.

Here are some examples:

Some viral video creativity

Several celebrities including Virat Kohli, Randeep Hooda, John Abrahan, Anushka Sharma, Shraddha Kapoor, and Akshay Kumar demanded against animal cruelty.

Let’s treat our animals with love and bring end to these cowardly acts

A case under The Wildlife Act has been registered, and an inquiry is on, officials said. The sources said that the precise spot where the elephant was injured, and who was liable for the explosion, is yet to be ascertained.

Meanwhile, Humane Society International-India (HIS), a corporation working against animal cruelty, on Wednesday offered Rs 50,000 to at least one who would help in bringing the culprit to the death of the pregnant elephant.

The heartbreaking death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala. We Deserve What We are going through. Every Bit of it. We are the Actual Deadly Virus. We are called Humans. But we don’t have any kind of Humanity. Education Doesn’t matter after a certain period of time. But Humanity matters. Try to be Like Animal At least they are not cruel like Humans. Humans are most deadly for the world.

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